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Postcards from Tibet

We’ve been bringing you weekly insights into daily life in Tibet since 2016. These “postcards” give some context to our food, and why we do what we do. They are a glimpse of Yeshi’s other world and his experience adapting to life here in the UK.

In 2019 Julie won the Yan-Kit So Award for Food Writers on Asia, a prize that is awarded every two years to an emerging writer who enhances our understanding and appreciation of Asian food culture.

Our debut cookbook, Taste Tibet, was published by Murdoch Books in 2022. If you have enjoyed our Postcards from Tibet over the years we think you will love our cookbook, which is a mix of family recipes and stories from our Himalayan home.

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The Handsome Horsemen Of Tibet Wintertime in eastern Tibet. Many of you enjoyed the last video we shared from home. This one arguably gives you even more of a

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Food As Charity

Some of you may know that before we built ourselves our amazing new kitchen over in Cowley, Taste Tibet operated (for rather too long) out

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Happy New Year From Taste Tibet

Here is a wonderful short video sent to me this week from relatives in Tibet. This blog often challenges your idea of Tibet: the

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MSG-Free Zone!

In the many years that I travelled and lived in China, I ate out a good deal. I loved uncovering small, local, sometimes hole-in-the-wall type

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A Bowl For Your Bosom

An old Tibetan folk song likens a lady lover to a wooden bowl. It may not sound romantic, but traditionally Tibetan people owned one bowl

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Butter Season

In Tibet, like here, it is late summer, and my brothers have been busy on the high mountains herding yak and dri (the female yak).

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Tibet And The Sea

Tibet is a landlocked country (we share a border with mainland China, India, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar), and for those Tibetan people still inside Tibet,

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BYO For 50p Off!

Regular customers will be well aware that it serves well to bring your own Tupperware to our stall. We are happy to fill boxes that

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Holiday Reading

In Tibet, books are revered objects. You must never put them on the floor, sit on them, step over them, or place anything on top

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We Are 5 Star!

Do you know the backstory of Taste Tibet? We started out making momos in our small family kitchen for farmers markets and small-scale events. Before

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Growing Pains

Post from the heart. Our Taste Tibet pop up started last Thursday at East Oxford bakery cafe Silvie, and it was massive! Yeshi says he

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