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Postcards from Tibet

We’ve been bringing you weekly insights into daily life in Tibet since 2016. These “postcards” give some context to our food, and why we do what we do. They are a glimpse of Yeshi’s other world and his experience adapting to life here in the UK.

In 2019 Julie won the Yan-Kit So Award for Food Writers on Asia, a prize that is awarded every two years to an emerging writer who enhances our understanding and appreciation of Asian food culture.

Our debut cookbook, Taste Tibet, was published by Murdoch Books in 2022. If you have enjoyed our Postcards from Tibet over the years we think you will love our cookbook, which is a mix of family recipes and stories from our Himalayan home.

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Highs, Lows and Typos

Highs and lows. Just when we were starting to feel pretty thrilled with ourselves, we got a message from our dear friend, Alan, who was trying out

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The Question of Meat

There are lots of things that we get wrong about Tibet and Tibetan people. The no. 2 misconception (let’s move past the no. 1 mistake

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How We Met

Food is central to our story. People often say how lucky I am to have Yeshi cook for me every day, but this was a

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Win a Momo-Making Class!

Has anyone been watching Jamie Oliver’s new Channel 4 show, The Great Cookbook Challenge? Eighteen chefs/home cooks are competing to win a cookbook deal with

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The Lunisolar New Year

It’s the Lunar New Year today. The Spring Festival, as it’s known in China, is an occasion that’s actually celebrated right across East Asia, usually

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Assimilating – Twice

Did you spy Yeshi in Saturday’s Guardian? He was hard to miss. Deborah Linton interviewed us as part of a wider piece about the immigrant-run

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A Yak A Year

Yeshi’s family are just back from a long stay in Lhasa, Tibet’s capital. Last week they sent this picture of mum and dad picnicking outside

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Tiger-Sized Goals

Happy new year, momo lovers! We are just back from a mini-break in Wales and realising that some New Year’s resolutions need to be made.

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Operating Zero Waste

When Yeshi was growing up in Tibet, zero waste happened naturally. There was no landfill. His family wore shoes, belts and bags made from yak

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No Reservations

No Reservations was an Anthony Bourdain show – maybe you’ve watched it. Travelling the world and eating at the kinds of places you couldn’t or

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Thank You!

Keeping this week’s check-in brief. It’s been a whirlwind few days/weeks and there’s a backlog of normal life stuff to deal with – anyone have

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Big News!

It’s been a huge week! Did you catch us on BBC1’s Saturday Kitchen Live? There was a short pre-recorded film [at 01.09:50] about Taste Tibet

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A Few Basics

This week we’re setting a couple of things straight about Tibet and Tibetan people. First – let’s get it out the way – Tibet is

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Seeking Extroverts

Yeshi started the Taste Tibet stall in 2014, shortly after we had our daughter. For years he had been the primary carer for our son,

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Heavy Lifting

In Tibet you will often find women doing the heavy lifting. In rural areas, where families tend to be at least semi-nomadic, most men spend

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October Bulletin

Huge thanks to everyone for the amazing turnout at our Momo Party on Saturday! Thank you also for your cards, flowers, booze and well wishes

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Keeping It Real

The cultural and historic centre of Lhasa, Tibet’s capital, is Barkhor Street. This bustling thoroughfare has a history of over 1,300 years. It’s a meeting

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First Name Terms

We’ve written before about the previous occupants of 109 Magdalen Road. The current Taste Tibet premises was originally a bakery, but it has also been

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What is Payday?

We were heaving on Friday night. We’ve started to notice a pattern of this every last Friday of the month. I worked it out a

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Picnic Season In normal times we’d have dusted off our festival tent by now and be out in the fields. When big events return we’ll be

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We Are Closed!

Our chefs are in Tibet and the restaurant will be closed until 15/05/24. The online shop is open but deliveries will be made after 13/05/24. Thank you for bearing with us and see you soon!