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Community Is Everything

Chef Namdi at the Taste Tibet stall

In Tibet, whatever you consume, you usually have a direct relationship with the person who produced it. This means that people take pride in their work, and also that they are held accountable for upholding high standards. When you know the person who uses what you produce, you try harder not to disappoint them. This helps people to form close relationships within their communities.

This way of working also means that whatever you do you do not merely for your own gain, but also for the benefit of others. When you trade your wool for your neighbour’s chillies, the result is a community that is deeply interdependent, and this helps to give life a spiritual meaning.

The day to day business of Taste Tibet is a similar experience: preparing and serving our food in front of our customers, we feel an obligation to do our best, and to provide generously. When people respond to that, remembering us at festivals from one year to the next, or visiting us at our stall in Oxford week on week, we feel motivated to work harder and to produce better.

Our pop up at Silvie is an extension of this. Steps away from our own home, we have a platform for feeding our own community. As a Londoner this takes some getting used to for me, but for Chef Yeshi it’s just what you do, right?

Due to Silvie staffing issues, please note that our pop up is now running FRIDAYS ONLY at Silvie, but don’t forget that you can also get your momo fix at our stall in Oxford’s Gloucester Green Market every Wednesday.

Make sure you sign up to our mailing list of check our website for updated information on where you can find us each week.

See you soon, momo lovers!

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The Restaurant is Closed!

We’re resting over Christmas.
The online shop is still open but the takeaway will be closed until 05/01/24. See you soon!