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Hard Work and Soft Water

Thanks for bearing with us – the doors to Taste Tibet have been shut for far too long, and we’re really excited to be opening again this THURSDAY.

It has been a busy few weeks. The momo-making hasn’t stopped, and well over ten thousand of these beautiful hand-made parcels of joy have been enjoyed at festivals across Wales, Portsmouth and London during this time. Thank you to everyone who joined our queues and shared their enthusiasm for our food – we really enjoyed being back in the fields.

Especially Wales! We loved our weekend at Green Man Festival, where our food tasted best of all! Yeshi puts it down to the water. Here in Oxford, one of the hardest water regions of the country, he always talks about what a challenge it is to replicate the tastes of home. Most people have no idea that Tibet is known as the “Water Tower of Asia”: the six major rivers of Asia (the Indus, Brahmaputra, Salween, Mekong, Yangtze, and Yellow River) all have their source here, providing water resources for over a billion people. The rivers near Yeshi’s home are uncontaminated and pristine. This gives the food a freshness and taste he can only dream of in Oxford.

The Brecon Beacons National Park in South Wales, where the Green Man festival is held, is also a fountainhead for the region. 23 drinking water sources originate here, including 90% of Cardiff’s drinking water. Yeshi felt very much at home in the Welsh mountains amid pure mountain streams. Festival catering is not for the faint-hearted, but these events take us to beautiful places, and the rolling hills of Green Man and the Seaside Stage at Victorious count amongst them.

Looking forward to seeing everyone back in Magdalen Road! We are open Thursday-Saturday this week for lunch (12-3pm) and dinner (5-9.30pm). Wednesday evenings will resume from next week. Our menu is live on the website now.

This week we are offering all our newsletter subscribers a free box of dal from our ready meals section with any spend over £20. If you want to claim the deal, click here to sign up to our mailing list.

See you Thursday!

Julie and Yeshi

Opening hours this week:

Thurs – Sat: 12-3pm 5-9.30pm

☏ 01865 499318

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