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When The Village Has No Shops

This is not the most abundant season in Tibet. The lunar new year – coming soon – is a marker for farmers to get back to the fields, but until they can be sure that the frost will stay away most people are not enjoying a wide range of fruit or vegetables. Peaches and apricots are harvested and dried in the late autumn and hugely appreciated over winter. Vegetables such as cabbages, potatoes and turnips are stored away in caves to keep the frost at bay, and can be used over long periods. And mooli, a large, crisp, white radish that is widely used in Tibetan cuisine as a whole, gets its centre stage moment.

Yeshi’s family keep huge tubs of mooli in the corner of the kitchen during wintertime. They pickle it with using chillies, Sichuan peppercorn, salt, garlic and spices, and enjoy it as a side dish or add it to soups and stews. Similar in taste and pungency to kimchi or sauerkraut it’s a great probiotic as well. Yeshi keeps a massive jar of pickled mooli in our fridge and it comes out nearly every evening as a snack alongside whatever else is on the table. You can find our recipe for Son Labu (pickled mooli) in the forthcoming Taste Tibet cookbook but but we’re also thinking of stocking some at the restaurant soon. Would you like to try? Please let us know if so!

We’ve finally got the hang of labelling jars, see. Last week we brought out a new batch of chilli oil, and it flew off the shelves. It’s looking a lot smarter, and its new, smaller size makes it lighter on the purse as well. ,You can order it for home delivery through ,Foodstuff at 20% off this week – see details below – or just pick one up when you come in. Yeshi’s Sepen Chilli Oil (rebranded!) goes with just about everything, and you will soon find that there is no substitute.

Our opening hours for this week are as follows:

Wednesday: 5-9.30pm (dinner only)

Thursday – Saturday: 12-3pm (lunch) / 5-9.30pm (dinner)

Come for takeaway, to dine in or, delivery through ,Foodstuff. This week’s menu is live ,on the website now.

Finally, 20% off through ,Foodstuff ! This deal is running until 9.30pm on Thursday and will give you 20% off whatever you order, including our freezer food. Make space and stock up! Just apply the code PINKMEUP at the checkout.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon,

Julie and Yeshi

Opening hours this week:

Weds: 5-9.30pm

Thurs – Sat: 12-3pm 5-9.30pm

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The Restaurant is Closed!

We’re resting over Christmas.
The online shop is still open but the takeaway will be closed until 05/01/24. See you soon!