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Deals Deals Deals!

We think our lunch deals are the best in town, and we certainly have your vote of confidence. The launch, last week, of our vegan and meat pies – a traditional Tibetan delicacy known as sha balep – was a major hit! They are currently priced at just £5 and £6 respectively (your chef does not like to hurt your pocket) and they come with a delicious side salad and the amazing salsa pictured above.

Sha balep are widely and wildly loved by Tibetan people. In central Tibet they are often enjoyed at breakfast time, but they are more typically served for lunch or dinner, usually with a tangy relish on the side.

A Tibetan rapper who goes by the name of Shapaley (an alternative spelling for sha balep) has produced a super catchy ode to this much-loved Tibetan snack. Check it out on YouTube, along with Shapaley’s other songs in which he reminisces about life in Tibet and celebrates tsampa (roasted barley flour), the Tibetan staple food.

As your chef’s number-cruncher (forgive me – someone’s gotta do it) I do not know how long we can keep the prices this good, so please come and grab a sha balep soon before I crack the whip. Our lunch menu also features a limited curry spread (including, this week, Famous Chicken), all the momos, and some amazing veggie noodles and stir-fries as well. We are open Thursday-Saturday 11.30am-2.30pm.

Dinner (5-9pm) is exciting as always, except of course last week it got even better as you can now come and linger for a while with your friends, family or #momolover. We have some delicious beers in the fridges and award-winning wine. Feel free to make a night of it!

But true to our street food roots we will always be a takeaway, so don’t forget that we very much welcome you to swing by and take home. There’s no need to ring ahead for lunch, but you can call us on 01865499318 from 4pm on the day if you’d like to pre-order your evening takeaway. Otherwise just drop in when the hunger calls.

Finally, join our mailing list this week to grab amazing deals on our freezer food! We are doing big discounts on our individual and family-sized ready meals this week. Do not miss! Head to the home page to sign up.


Opening hours this week:

Thurs – Sat 11.30am-2.30pm / 5pm – 9pm

01865 499318

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