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Young Yeshi – Can You Spot Him?

In the small village where Yeshi grew up in rural Tibet everybody knew everybody, shared resources and worked together. When he was little he roamed the mountainsides with the neighbours’ kids, and if he was hungry and too far from home he’d just drop into someone else’s house and food would always be provided.

Tibetan communities function in completely interdependent ways. Nobody labours merely for their own gain, but always for the benefit of others as well. This can be altruistic, or is a trade arrangement: wool for the neighbour’s chillies, for example. Everyone works hard because when you know the person who is using what you produce you don’t want to disappoint them. This helps people to form close relationships within their communities.

Running a restaurant around the corner from our own home is the natural extension of all of this for Yeshi, who always strives to up his game, work harder and to contribute something of use. We are so proud to be working together with Oxford Mutual Aid to provide free food to vulnerable people in our community on a weekly basis. Thank you to everyone who supports us in this work – we love working together with you.

Last week the big sale on our chilled produce felt like another great example of the community working together. Thank you for helping us to rehome many hundreds of boxes of momos and more, and for all your enthusiasm! We are continuing the Buy One Get One Free deal while stocks last, and there’s still plenty of beef momos still up for the grabbing.

Our opening times this week are as follows:

Thursday: lunch 11am – 2pm

Friday: lunch 11am – 2pm / dinner 5pm – 9pm

Saturday: lunch 11am – 2pm / dinner 5pm – 9pm

Hot food will be available during all opening hours, but you can pop in for chilled food as well any time.

Please note that after this weekend Taste Tibet will be closed for two weeks while some exciting events take place behind closed doors – feel free to take a peep through the windows if you want to know what’s going on! We will reopen the week of April 12th with outdoor seating aplenty – watch this space.

Meantime look after yourselves and each other, and huge thanks for all your support!

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