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Tsampa – The Tibetan Superfood

We were on Sunday Brunch a couple of weeks ago [at 1 hr 22 mins]. This was a hugely anticipated moment for everyone in our small Tibetan community, but the high point for our Tibetan audience was definitely the showcasing of our chocolate tsampa truffles.

Most people don’t know that Tibet is massive – comparable in size to all of western Europe. As you would expect of such a vast region, ways of life, customs – even language – vary enormously. Tsampa, or roasted barley flour, is a unifying force, the one tradition shared by all Tibetan people. Outside of their homeland, many Tibetans refer to themselves as “tsampa eaters”. The term creates a unique sense of identity and belonging.

Yeshi made sure that tsampa was the first solid to touch our kids’ lips. Back in Tibet, all babies are weaned on this highly digestible and versatile food. It is packed full of vitamins and essential minerals, a flour to rival any other ancient grain. Our children – like his Holiness XIV Dalai Lama – enjoy tsampa for breakfast every morning. Dad mixes it with boiling water, butter and melted cheddar cheese. Before he has milled the barley, the kids also love to snack on the roasted grains, a kind of popped corn.

When we wrote the Taste Tibet cookbook tsampa was a recipe that had to go in, but we didn’t think that many readers would be adventurous enough to try it themselves. We were so wrong! People have been super inquisitive about this Tibetan superfood, and those who know and love our chocolate tsampa truffles (p. 233) have been especially keen to recreate these at home.

Now that tsampa has graced the screens of Sunday Brunch, we feel excited about all the other ways we can serve it at the restaurant. Were you lucky enough to sample Yeshi’s amazing iced chai last weekend? He’s plotting a tsampa element to this one as well, so watch this space.

Meanwhile, you can get more familiar with tsampa yourself by bagging a copy of the Taste Tibet cookbook (currently 50% off here). Don’t miss this opportunity to stock up on our baby, a runner-up in the Guild of Food Writers Awards.

If you’d rather we provide the goods, you can order your truffles here or just swing by the restaurant. Our opening hours this week are as follows:

Weds- Friday: 5-9.30pm (dinner only)
Saturday: 12-3 (lunch) / 5-9.30pm (dinner)

This week’s menu is out now – check it! You can dine with us or take away for a night at home. Momos are back in stock in our freezers alongside a wide range of curries, including family-sized boxes.

We look forward to seeing you!

Julie and Yeshi

Opening hours this week:
Weds – Fri: 5-9.30pm
Sat: 12-3pm 🥢 5-9.30pm
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