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New Market Day in Gloucester Green!

Taste Tibet at Gloucester Green

Great news for fans of Taste Tibet! We are starting up a Saturday stall in Oxford’s Gloucester Green market, beginning this weekend (04/03/17).

We gave up our Saturday pitch two years ago, when our stall started to gain fame and we couldn’t make enough momos! The problem is even worse now. But we’ve decided to run a kind of halfway house on Saturdays, rather than not running at all. We can’t offer full portions of momos, but come for your curry fix, plus weekly specials, and we are offering one momo per main dish in the style of our Wednesday combos. Thus:

Vegan curry combo

The Saturday stall will hopefully give us an opportunity to see more of the lovely people we used to see for our Thursday night takeaways, as well as others who can’t make it to Gloucester Green on a Wednesday. Bring the family, bring friends, hang out! The Saturday market has seating and sometimes live music. It is known for all things vintage and arty, as well as for its fabulous food.

Or come for takeaway! We can do full serves of any of our main dishes for you to take home and reheat for dinner. All our food is cooked fresh at the stall, so it’s good for a few nights in the fridge, or longer if you freeze it.

Our Saturday stall will run every weekend until May, when the festival season arrives and the May Balls (Oxford and Cambridge this year) take us out of the market and into the colleges. We will always let you know when you can expect to find us, and when we will be away. We keep our website up to date, so check in any time.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the stall as usual on Wednesday, and to seeing faces old and new at our new Saturday stand. Find us in Gloucester Green market on Wednesdays and Saturdays, 9am to 4pm.

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