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Lockdown Lunches

For me, one of the hardest things about having the kids at home was coming up with lunches that satisfied Master and Little Miss TT. When I’m alone I don’t think about food until I can no longer ignore the rumbles. Then I reheat a few momos and job done. All parents can all relate to this I am sure (except the bit about the momos – I realise I’m doing better than many of you here, so I won’t linger).

Master and Little Miss are Chef’s kids too, after all, and they like a bit of variety – and copious amounts of food. Five days a week it was down to me to come up with the goods. I’m so glad that they are now back in school enjoying main course and dessert! In Tibet sweet treats really aren’t a thing and we don’t offer pudding at home, so I’m sure that they are delighted to be back in the land of the flapjack and the carrot cake.

With the kids back at school, we can all enjoy our lunchtimes with a bit more freedom, and we are super excited to announce that from tomorrow, Wednesday, we will now be open for grown-up lunches (pile on that chilli) Wednesday-Friday, 11am-2pm. For the next few weeks – while we are still strictly takeaway only – we are returning to our market roots and offering up a simple lunchtime menu of takeaway meals for one. Dinner will still be an option on Friday and Saturday evenings 5-9pm, but lunchtime we are dusting off those market boxes, slashing the prices and serving up street food style – see picture above.

Watch this space for menu details, landing on our website and social media on Wednesday morning, and make sure you sign up to our mailing list through the website to bag opening week deals! Lunchtimes will be drop-in only (no pre-orders). Dinnertime we are still welcoming pre-orders from 4pm on the day of collection. Please call us on 01865 499318 – thanks!

Finally, a massive thank you to those of you who have supported our effort to provide free food to Oxford’s most vulnerable through our partnership with Oxford Mutual Aid. This worked really well while we were running our deliveries, and we’d like to remind you that you can still make donations through our website, as well as in store. We really want to continue supporting the amazing work of Oxford Mutual Aid, but this service relies on your donations. Please do contribute if you can – thank you so so much.

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