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Looking Backwards, Going Forwards

Last week one reader asked us to do a “how we met” blog. When I’m feeling a bit more romantic it will land! Meantime we are celebrating nine years of our first born this week and taking stock of how far we’ve come.

Yeshi started the Taste Tibet stall during my second maternity leave from Oxford University Press, where I worked as a project manager on bilingual dictionaries. It seems amazing to think now, but during those early years Yeshi still couldn’t drive, so I ran the A to B for him with our newborn and two year-old in the back seat of the family car. As our stall grew, so did the amount of stuff that we needed to ferry, and sometimes our menu boards were propped up over their heads, or our eldest was tasked with holding the rice cooker in his lap. Eventually these car trips started to feel illegal as well as unsafe, and as soon as Yeshi got his license he rented himself a big van and the landscape changed forever.

But our stall remained an extension of family life for some time, including a couple of years serving food out of our own home to friends and neighbours who still visit our stall up the road at Silvie today. These customers (for want of a warmer word) have seen our kids learn to walk and talk, and watched us juggle home life and business in intimate ways. This blog exposes us even further. Thank you to the mums and dads at the school gate who check in on our mental health – I often forget how much we put out there.

By now everyone knows that before the year end we will be throwing open the doors to our new shop on Magdalen Road, but before this happens we are getting busy with a sideline venture that we still can’t (officially) talk about – we will share news as soon as we can. We mention it because in addition to making sure that homework gets done and our kids have their playdates we are juggling more than one big project, so we’ve decided to put our deliveries on hold and to take things a bit week to week for the time being.

Our stall outside Silvie will be running on Friday and Saturday night this week. Come for hot food takeaway or for chilled family-sized packs of momos to feed your freezers. We will be open for business from 5-9pm, and I myself will be there on Saturday for the first time in what feels like ages! Please come and say hi.

Thank you so much everyone for your ongoing support, and a special place in our hearts, always, for those of you who have championed us since the beginning of time. We can’t wait to host you all in our new place soon! Stay tuned for news.

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Happy Anniversary To Us!

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Oxford Reopens

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Watch us on C4’s Sunday Brunch!

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The Restaurant is Closed!

We’re away at festivals. The online shop is still open but there may be a short delay with dispatch. Our takeaway will reopen on 08/09/23. Thank you for bearing with us. See you soon!