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Cookbook Wins

Praise and public endorsement for Taste Tibet: the cookbook continue to flow. Every week we receive messages from readers and pictures of beautiful dishes cooked with ease. This makes us so happy!

Then last week we heard that Taste Tibet has made the final three in the 2023 Guild of Food Writers Awards (Best International or Regional Cookbook). Lifetime goals! We’ll be attending the awards ceremony in London in September – watch this space for glad rags and updates.

What are the standout recipes from the cookbook for you? Votes are there for Taste Tibet’s Famous Chicken Curry, but it’s always exciting to receive feedback on other dishes you’ve prepared so brilliantly. Here are three surprise wins from the book:

  1. Perfect Basmati Rice (p. 82). Knowing how to ace your grains is the prerequisite for any delicious rice-based meal. This part is easy to mess up, and we’ve had a really good response to the tips and tricks we share in the book. Spoiler: you don’t need a rice cooker or any special extras to make this work. Plus! Some useful reheating advice.

  1. Buckwheat pancakes (p.46) and Honey and Butter Dip (p.49). Who would guess that Yeshi’s mum’s favourite breakfast would become regular Sunday fare in kitchens around the world? Ola and Anna’s very pretty pictureprobably drew you in, but you’re staying for the simplicity and indulgence of it. Plus – if you’re gluten intolerant this may be the brekkie you’ve been waiting for all your life.

  1. Stir-Fried Sweetheart Cabbage (p.86). We’re on a mission to pep up your greens. In the west we tend to approach cabbage, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables without much imagination. Brussels sprouts and kale are usually boiled into submission: no wonder they have such a bad reputation. Steam-frying this kind of veg with a few key condiments makes all the difference, and we’re so delighted to hear your success stories using this method.

Now that Taste Tibet has been out in the world for over a year, it is clear that readers are finding recipes easy to follow and recreate, and that there is minimal – if any – need to search out unfamiliar ingredients. Best of all, even unadventurous cooks and those without much confidence in the kitchen are reporting big wins with recipes they never thought they’d be able to handle. Especially with veg!

If you haven’t yet bagged yourself a copy, you can buy signed cookbooks here, at the restaurant or at Oxford’s Daunt Books. Otherwise the devil has what you need at this very affordable price.

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Looking forward to seeing you,

Julie and Yeshi

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